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Hannibal, Fromage | will graham x faceless

Hannibal, Fromage | will graham x faceless

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1. Later, the Minotaur recalled
that moment as a paradox:
infinity, having no beginning, had
found a starting-point.
He noted without interest that he
could no longer remember anything
but the Labyrinth.

2. Chess consumed much of the
Minotaur’s time: endless games
of strategy warring against himself.
Gradually he forgot the rules of
the game and reinvented them
until the game he played no longer
resembled chess but was instead
something entirely different.

3. It took the Minotaur quite
some time to realize that the
Labyrinth shifted. He was disconcerted
to discover that the Labyrinth had
created a bathing-pool for the virgins.

4. The moon seemed small and
close; the Minotaur clambered
onto the walls of the Labyrinth
and stretched out his hand.
(It was never quite certain where
exactly the Labyrinth was located;
however, its relationship to time
and space was clearly unusual.)

5. The string, when the Minotaur
happened across it at the end of
what must have been an infinity
of hard, stone walls and sharp
corners, was an anomaly—something
fluid and fragile, evidence of a
half-remembered exterior.

6. The Minotaur thought distantly,
‘I should never have followed the

Minotaur.  JLR 2012 (via borgevino)
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W E S T W A R D | a mix for Ragnar Lothbrok’s love affair with the far-distant western horizon.

gobbledigook / sigur ros • you as you were / shearwater • holy weather / civil twilight • kolnidur / jonsi • what the water gave me / florence + the machine • landscape at speed (live) / shearwater • move/stay / civil twilight • ghost lights / woodkid • hymn to the valences / jonathan meiburg • icarus / santogold

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Hannibal, Will, Hobbs, Franklyn, and Performance


a hastily-written post discussing performativity and lack thereof with relation to hannibal, franklyn, garrett jacob hobbs, and will—tied in somewhat to an idea i’m calling ~theatricality of class~ for now.  also, a little more discussion about boundaries.

[cw manipulation, gaslighting, mild classism (built into show’s narrative); apologies in advance for sentence fragments, i just needed to get this done and out before the next episode]

spoilers through e7.

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Shearwater - White Waves

I won’t go traveling tonight
I won’t go back to the wolves, now
There’s something singing in the ice
In the deepest part of the world
And a film across my eyes
As I’m watching all the waves turn white

He took me out on the tide
To make pearls of my eyes
And uncover me, oh, without asking
Tore every stich, every line, every hook, every eye
Between him and the diamonds, diamonds
I would not give, but maybe tonight I will
With you holding my arms and my stuttering heart
As I’m bound and flayed alive

Oh, don’t go traveling tonight
Hold that child in your arms
Well, there’s no more canaries in the mine
And a cloud, black over the water
And a voice, low in my ear
Says, “The things that we did here will never die”

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let me tell you about the name of the rose by umberto eco.

  • monks
  • medieval monks in italy in 1327
  • a Franciscan monk sleuth from england named William of Baskerville
  • (a reference to both sherlock holmes and william of occam [think occam’s razor])
  • queer monks who have ambiguous visions of their dead lovers
  • a sex scene that is entirely quotations from the Bible and religious writings
  • (because if you are a monk you think about everything in religious terms)
  • monks who burn too brightly in their faith and die because of it
  • monk murderers
  • religion-as-politics type machinations of the roman catholic church
  • medieval monastic library
  • medieval monastic labyrinth library
  • with a blind librarian
  • named jorge of burgos
  • the subversion of language
  • books that are eaten that poison the eaters
  • (if anyone remembers the book of revelation that should sound familiar)
  • (if anyone remembers the book of revelation a lot of this novel will sound familiar)
  • doomed religious fanatics
  • a man who knows no language entirely who speaks in a ridiculous mixture of about ten languages but everyone understands him anyway

i mean

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